Safeguarding Your Joy in the Midst of Doom and Gloom

Whatever your belief system, it cannot be disputed that negativity HATES to see positivity thrive, especially when that positivity exists for no apparent reason. I’ve seen people genuinely smile and laugh through life threatening illnesses, serious financial problems, family troubles, loss of loved ones... And lurking in a dark corner somewhere is a fiend who … Continue reading Safeguarding Your Joy in the Midst of Doom and Gloom

The Fine Art of Communicating Online

These days, it’s downright dangerous to voice an opinion online. It doesn’t matter what your opinion is about. It doesn’t matter if your perspective is negative, positive or neutral. People who know what you’re talking about and people who have no clue whatsoever will congregate upon your opinion and give you grief for it. Comment … Continue reading The Fine Art of Communicating Online

Trust Me, I’m a Professional

“I’m a professional.” Some folks use, misuse, and abuse these words the way other folks misconstrue “I love you”. You shouldn’t run around making such crazy declarations if you don’t understand the concepts involved. Regardless of your vocation, if you say you’re a professional, people expect you to be competent, skilful, confident, timely and prepared … Continue reading Trust Me, I’m a Professional