31 Day Blog Challenge: Weird Quirk of Mine

Define “weird”. Who decides what’s weird and what isn’t?

What I label as weird in somebody else might, in fact, be considered the norm, and I could be singled out as the weirdo for thinking otherwise. What another person sees as weird in me might be an attribute so unique, it’s my very own stamp on the world.

That said, I don’t believe that I have any habits that could be considered terribly odd (okay, so I eat the worms in my favourite fruit but we’ve covered that already). I say this with confidence because whenever I chat with others about my quirks, there’s always somebody present who either agrees with me or who has an even crazier habit.

I’m me. I’m not this dog. Clearly, I’ve got to up my game.

Peruse my blog. I’ve got a handy archives page that you could get lost in. Read a few of my posts. Maybe my words will reveal that I have more than one weird quirk. Maybe we’re weirdos-in-arms and we can Internet hug each other to celebrate that we’re not alone. Let me know in the comments.


And that’s all folks! The final entry in my 31 Day Blog Challenge. Look out for my round-up post tomorrow where I sum up this experience. It was nice having you along for the ride.


6 thoughts on “31 Day Blog Challenge: Weird Quirk of Mine

    1. And I’m still trying to figure out who defines “weird”. Or “unique”. The normal police? What is “normal”? I’ve descended into The Twilight Zone. 😁


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