31 Day Blog Challenge: Top Things On My Bucket List

Haven’t I answered this question before? My If I Won the Lottery post pretty much covers the stuff that I’d do if I had more money than my future celebrity accountant could count. Since I don’t have anything else to add to that list, I’ll tell you a story.

I was zooming down the highway when I noticed a heavily tinted dark grey (or was it black?) truck trying to get my attention by tooting its horn and lining up alongside me. I ignored them for a bit (you can never be too safe these days) but they were so insistent that I eventually put my window down to see what they wanted.

Driver of truck: There’s a spider on your car (his passenger is gesturing wildly that this is in fact so).

Me: Okay (calmly looking in my left wing mirror).

Driver: Do you see it?

Me: Nah (laughing). I’m not afraid of spiders.

Driver: Oh…okay (kinda surprised).

I went on with my day.

While recounting The Tale of the Travelling Spider to my mother I realised that it must have been huge for these guys to have seen it from the distance that they did. We have tarantulas here. If they’re in the trees, I leave them be. If they’re in or around the house, they have to be evicted. It could have been a tarantula. There’s also another fairly big spider that I don’t know the name of. When it walked across my windshield it sounded like high heels on concrete. Oh yeah…that was another instance of a spider hopping a ride with me. That stowaway made it to the capital city.

Do spiders bug you? (pun intended)

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