31 Day Blog Challenge: What Makes Me Feel Better, Always

In this instance, “always” is too definitive a word. If I’m feeling poorly it could be anything from being stuck in traffic for hours to the death of a dearly beloved teacher. Therefore, no one thing could always cure what ails me.

Sometimes, a decadent snack will do the trick.

Music and dancing in my room can pull me out of a funk.

Jane Austen, my blanket and a cup of tea are a healing balm to my soul.

Prayer works.

A short nap. A good night’s sleep.

Conversations with my mother.

Conversations that consist solely of GIFs.



Going out.

Writing in my journal.

A snazzy new haircut.

Pretty boys on Instagram.

Of course, this list is subject to change.

How do you cheer yourself up?

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