31 Day Blog Challenge: 5 Favourite Blogs

I read a lot of blogs. I’ve found a nice variety of niches, topics, bloggers. I try to check in with the blogs that I’m subscribed to every few days. And through Twitter, I happen upon so many more. To choose five favourites would be impossible. Each blog has its own distinct flavour. It wouldn’t be fair to compare them.

Maybe I should go into what I like about the blogs that capture my attention. I love:

  1. The engaging personality of the blogger! Huge win, every time.
  2. Bloggers who dive into their comment sections and chat with everybody. I’ve seen bloggers only respond to certain people in their comment threads. Repeatedly. Not cute.
  3. Humour, humour, humour!
  4. Captivating blog design, from the font to the colours to the whitespace free of clutter that I adore so much.
  5. When the blogger is also an amateur photographer who takes breathtaking photos. You know, the calibre of photos that could be an entire blog post with few words because they’re that phenomenal? Extra points if there’s a furry critter in the shot.
  6. Sophisticated writing.
  7. Any blog that is as obsessed with memes and GIFs as I am.
  8. Paranormal blogs. Wish I could find more of them. Currently only subscribed to one. I’m open to suggestions. Let me know in the comments.
  9. Writing prompts. Start one and I’ll be all over your blog.
  10. Small blogs that don’t fit into a niche. I wish there was a larger, more visible community of us. Maybe I should start a Facebook group called, “For the Lonely Niche-less Hobby Blogger”? I’m copyrighting that.
Keep on bloggin’!

43 thoughts on “31 Day Blog Challenge: 5 Favourite Blogs

        1. That’s okay, Ellen. We all like different things. That’s part of what makes life fun. Maybe I’ll make a convert out of you and you’ll be populating your blog posts with GIFs in no time! 🀣🀣🀣

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  1. Good thoughts Melissa, engagement is what I do more than actual blogging at times! Makes the world smaller and shows most people wherever they are just want to get along! My own blog is pending a retheme so that part I know (at present) is pants from when I first started.

    Paranormal is a fascinating subject too and I often blend it into writing 😊

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    1. I agree, Gary. If you’re not blogging, engage with others. It’s time well spent. I love discovering the many ways that we’re different and yet the same. Doesn’t get old for me. I love the spooky!!! I have a few more paranormal/folklore stories to post. I’m outlining them to see how they flesh out.

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      1. It is, except wth me it gets very distracting! I agree though, when conversations flow in comments there’s not much that is actually different in terms of getting along. It’s them politicos that seem to have the issues not us lol

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  2. Whole heartedly agree with this list. Love interacting with bloggers and seeing a blog brimming with personality is a great quality in a blog. And yes, yes, YES to no.10. My blog doesn’t have a niche either and wish were all a bit more visible too.

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    1. The point of this challenge was to write whatever without too much editing. The name of the group popped into my head right before I found the GIF. It turns out, people actually think it’s a good idea. I’ve created the group. I’ve done the cover graphic (it’s on my twitter if you wanna see it) and I’ll be working out the nitty gritty this weekend. I didn’t realise that so many other people felt the niche-less-ness as I did.

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    1. Interacting with our readers is so important. If you have only two comments on a post, why ignore the two people who took the time to read and leave a comment?? I revisit blogs where the bloggers are talking back. I rarely go back to those who don’t.

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  3. I love blogs with excellent photos too – and totally love them with they have some sort of furry critter in the piccies. You are no alone in your tastes Melissa!

    I don’t think I’d be allowed to join your niche-less fb group though. I guess walking counts as a niche!?

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          1. Lol thanks Gary!!

            Most of the time I travel close to where I live, so it doesn’t feel like an exotic travel blog. We do like to get out and about though! πŸ˜‰

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  4. Hi, I love this challenge, not sure I could write every day on my blog but I have been enjoying reading your responses to the challenge. I need to join that facebook group if you make it and I need the paranormal blog link???? I am learning to be a psychic myself and I am learning so much I post more about that side of me on my you tube but yes I would love a blog to follow xx

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  5. I love how you wrote about other blogs but didn’t have to name the ones you follow. It is very hard to pick and choose what blogs to read and when to read them, what post to comment on, and what post to just like, or even when to do the read and dash method. Nice post!

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    1. Thanks, Shelley. I’m happy that you like my approach to that post. I didn’t want the post to read like a competition – that some blogs are superior to others. I comment only when I have something to add. Sometimes other readers say what I wanted to say. I use the “like” button to show that I enjoyed what I read or just that I dropped by. Sometimes, I try to comment but my technology fails me and I lose the window of opportunity because I have no time to go back. I think that as long as we’re supportive of the blogs we love, whether by sending a little blog traffic their way or commenting, we’re doing fine. 😊


    1. You know I’m gonna write about that night in Savannah! I want to post my unexplained experiences here. Not quite an entire paranormal blog but it’s a start!


  6. [ Laughs ] If I participated in Facebook groups, I would have happily joined yours. I left all of the Facebook groups that I was in.

    Hmm. Sophisticated writing (That sounds interesting).

    I am in the habit of chatting with everyone who comments on my blog; I believe in responding to comments.

    I happen to love blog designs that are free of clutter too.


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