31 Day Blog Challenge: Pet Peeves

They say age brings wisdom. I’m not so sure if it’s wisdom or exhaustion but I find that more and more, I’m not as annoyed as I used to be at the silly things people do. I’ve accepted that we were all raised differently and as such we have different perceptions of what is appropriate behaviour and what isn’t.

I used to be visibly annoyed at people who behave poorly in public places, especially those who attach themselves to my back while we’re waiting in a line.

I would quarrel incessantly with drivers whose indicator lights are for mere decoration and not to indicate their turns to other users of the road.

People who complain and complain but disappear when called upon to be part of the solution irritated me.

I lay in wait for karma to circle back to the serpents who scheme, lie, manipulate, cheat their way to success, particularly when they destroy another person’s reputation to earn their advancement. That injustice would eat me up.

Lately, I’ve chosen to focus on my growth, on being a more peaceful, joyful me. For the most part, I tune out the negative attitudes and behaviours displayed by others. I simply take a deep breath, count to ten, and carry on.

There is that one scourge of the earth that I can’t seem to get past though. Hard as I try, I cannot cannot cannot deal with incompetence. And it’s everywhere! Incompetence is even more of a plague when coupled with other unsavoury traits:

  • Incompetence + arrogance
  • Incompetence + stupidity
  • Incompetence + arrogance + stupidity
  • Incompetence + laziness
  • Incompetence + arrogance + laziness
  • Incompetence + stupidity + laziness
  • Incompetence + hatefulness for the rest of humankind
  • Incompetence + piss poor managerial style
  • Incompetence + halitosis

The list goes on and on… Incompetence in the workplace is perhaps the variety that is most toxic to me. Having to endure incompetence day in day out is the stuff that hell is made of. I haven’t yet found a way to manage my outrage and frustration other than rolling my eyes to the heavens, and I’ve run out of eyeballs.

How do you handle incompetence? I need all the tips I can get.

5 thoughts on “31 Day Blog Challenge: Pet Peeves

  1. Contract work, changing jobs every 3 months, has helped me cope with incompetence. But I do recognize this is temporary and eventually I will have to face this ugly little devil again. I can’t run forever #Jonahlife 🤣

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