31 Day Blog Challenge: 10 Favourite Songs

What a coinkydink that today’s post lands on a Friday! We’re havin’ a Fri-yay Part-ay up in here!

I’ve been around for over four decades and I listen to many different genres of music. Choosing only ten songs makes me feel like a judge for the Miss Universe pageant. How on earth do I pick only ten? Draw lots? Pull songs out of a hat? Off the top of my head? Besides, “favourite” is relative. Depending on where my head’s at, I listen to music to soothe my soul, dance, motivate myself, vent, wallow in self-pity. I could go from listening to one song on repeat for months to not listening to that same song for years after.

You’ll probably love some of my selections. I might include a song that you hate and will be singing to yourself for the rest of the day. You may not know some of the songs or the artistes. That’s the beauty of a post like this. You could discover new musicians and songs. Think back to when you’d get all dressed up on a Friday night to go dancing instead of cuddling with a blanket and Netflix *cough*. Get off your chair and shake what your momma gave ya!

In no particular order, Mint Tea and Elephants presents The Top Ten:

1. Diana Ross – It’s My House


2. Prince – When Doves Cry


3. Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out


4. İskender Paydaş ft. Tarkan – Hop De


5. Baron – Doh Rock It So


6. Chronixx – Skankin’ Sweet


7. Celia Cruz – Quimbara


8. Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams


9. The Cranberries – No Need to Argue

10. Fleetwood Mac – Silver Springs

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