31 Day Blog Challenge: Something I Miss

Why was I in such a hurry to grow up? So that I could get as many piercings and tattoos as I wanted? So that I wouldn’t have anyone forcing me to eat my dark green vegetables? So that my milkshake could bring all the boys to the yard? So that I wouldn’t have a curfew? So that I could rock an almost bald head? What was so alluring about adulthood that I couldn’t wait to join the throngs of men and women who complain about the length of the commute to jobs that they don’t want to be in to pay for the house that they share with people who they barely like?

What was I thinking?

In my tween to teenaged years, some grown folks would comment that we didn’t know how good we had it. “School days are the best days,” they’d lament. When I started paying monthly bills, I finally understood that they weren’t talking about recess.

I miss the good old days when my only responsibility was to put my clothes on correctly and tag along. I didn’t have to know where my birth certificate was. I didn’t have to fill in the passport form. I didn’t have to query bill amounts. I didn’t have to repeatedly call the post office to find out who’s receiving my mail. I didn’t care what a mechanic did. I read in the car while daddy put air in his tyres at the gas station. Snacks were the one thing on the grocery list that I cared about. Johnny Depp was my one true love. My Trapper Keeper provided hours of entertainment with the opening and the closing and the opening and the closing of said Trapper Keeper. Ahhhhhhhh, sweet carefree youth! That’s what I miss.

Come back, carefree youth…I miss you.

9 thoughts on “31 Day Blog Challenge: Something I Miss

  1. “Come back” 🤣 you use gifs well. Hahahahaha I don’t miss childhood. I like being able to drive myself when I want. Paying bills is the downside 🤣 but that’s alright with me….

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  2. I remember the transition into adulthood being difficult. Now, many years later, I’m “retired,” have less stress, and my life is as good as my teen years. Maybe better since I have the experience to know I can get through stuff. I have less energy, but thankfully, less drama. I hope you can enjoy some child-like moments along the way.

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      1. Yes, I do believe that about Star Trek! The old shows in particular give me feelings of hope and comfort. Thanks for the congrats. I’m amazed at how busy I can be and feel very thankful for this time.

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  3. [ Smiles ] Although I had a great childhood and good upbringing, I do not miss it.

    I missed the days when food was cheap.

    In this time period, the prices that we pay for food are ridiculously high!

    I enjoyed reading this “31 Day Blog Challenge” of yours.

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      1. [ Smiles ] Sorry, Melissa. I don’t participate in WordPress challenges or WordPress Prompts.

        The beefy-sized articles that I produce for my blog are challenging enough.

        Now, that doesn’t mean that I am unappreciative of your suggestion.

        Anyone who has ever visited my blog would see right away, that I do my own thing!

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