31 Day Blog Challenge: My Worst Habits

Are you here because you’re hoping that I’ll say one of my worst habits is picking my nose because that’s secretly your bad habit?

Perhaps you suspect that I double dip the chips?

I could be the serial lunch thief who lurks behind every communal fridge.

Am I a slob?

Or a kidnapper of puppies?

I know that the suspense is killing you. What on earth are Melissa’s worst habits???



Hermit-like tendencies?


Inappropriate laughter?

Pimple popping?

I’m thinking that my worst habit is that I don’t exercise but I’m not too broken up about it. I’m assuming that by acknowledging a bad habit, I should be trying to change for the better but I’m not out here tryin’ to join a Zumba class or nothin’.

Maybe I should take a poll asking friends, family and mortal enemies to name my worst habits? Now that’s an idea for a future blog post.

7 thoughts on “31 Day Blog Challenge: My Worst Habits

  1. [ Laughs ] Huh! Since when having hermit-like tendencies was considered a bad habit?

    I am an introvert and introverted people love and appreciate their own company.

    I am going to share this blog post on Twitter — hopefully your friends, family and mortal enemies will find it there and tell you what your worst habits are.

    By the way, I love you blog and I adore your personality!

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    1. Thanks for the kind words, Renard! I’m introverted as well. Some people think that being a hermit is not entirely healthy and in retrospect, I have to agree to a certain extent. It depends. My mortal enemies might be more honest about my worst habits. Ha!

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