31 Day Blog Challenge: 3 Personality Traits I Am Proud Of

Not sure I’m comfortable with the word “proud” here but since I can’t come up with a sensible replacement I’ll run with it.

When asked to describe myself, I’m pretty matter of fact. It is what it is. I am who I am. Certain aspects of my personality have changed over time and circumstances. However, there are three core elements of who I am that have endured throughout the decades.

I am:

  • Steadfast. The older I get, the happier I am that I learnt the “be true to yourself” lesson very early on in life. Sometimes, people aren’t worth it. Internalising their doubts, mockery, hate, is unhealthy. Standing firm in the face of that kind of negativity has made me the warrior that I am. I understand the value of being authentic, faithful, loyal, dependable, committed, thanks to the early examples of badly behaved human beings.
  • Joyful. Ain’t nothing on God’s green earth that will steal my joy. Nothing that will take the gift of laughter from me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not immune to depression, anxiety or sadness but I will not wallow in the lows to the point where I cannot see the light anymore.
  • Straightforward. I relish simplicity. In everything. Therefore, I despise drama in relationships. My one rule when dealing with people is that they be honest about who they are, so that I can be honest when interacting with them. If I know you and you know me, we could make it work especially in situations where we have to interact with each other regularly.

So now you know even more about me, I’m putting you on the spot. Without thinking too hard, tell me about yourself in three words. Comment below!

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