31 Day Blog Challenge: Earliest Childhood Memory

Mayaro, Trinidad and Tobago.


I almost drowned once. We were at a beach called Blanchisseuse. I was close to the shore with daddy. Suddenly, I felt a force reach out from behind or beneath me and I was sucked under. It’s the being under that I remember so vividly. If I close my eyes I can still see what the sunlight looked like from under the water. The greenish hue of the water and the foam dancing across the waves made quite a pretty picture. I can hear the water bubbles moving around my head. I don’t recall the sensation of fear. In fact, I don’t think that I even understood what was happening. I don’t know how long I was under for but I can still feel my father’s hands as he grabbed a hold of me and brought me up for air.

Mom and I were having lunch recently (as we do) and we were reminiscing about daddy and his quirks. We got to talking about his dislike of the sea. He was an exceptional swimmer and he wasn’t afraid of the water but we agreed that his hatred of Blanchisseuse in particular was because of how quickly the waves had swept me away from him that day. When I told mom how clearly I remembered almost drowning, her mouth hit the floor. I didn’t understand why she was so shocked until she revealed that she was a couple months pregnant with my sister who is three years my junior. So…I would have been a little over two years old! That’s remarkable to me.

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