31 Day Blog Challenge: Introduction


Okay, today’s the day. It’s time to commit to this blog challenge. I’ve read countless articles and blog posts that advise creators to write, sketch, doodle, do something every day that taps into their creativity in order to really sharpen their skills. Since writing is the thing I’m claiming, ideally I should write something every day. It’s not enough to get by with a couple lines, I have to write a bit more every time.

Journaling has helped immensely. I’ve improved so much. I journal every two days or so now. My entries are meatier but I’m still not as committed to journaling every day as I should be. Who’s gonna know if I skip a day?! I’m not in a mental space where I feel accountable to my journal yet. A challenge like this shakes things up a bit. I’d have to publish something every day for 31 days. And if I didn’t, you’d know.

I found this challenge on Pinterest when I was debating returning to the platform. It seems easy enough. There isn’t anything on the list that I would have trouble writing about but I’ve been moving back and forth on this idea for more than a month!

I have never liked pursuing anything that I couldn’t envision a perfect ending for. Perfectionism is crippling because stuff that I could have tried (and failed…or succeeded at) I missed out on entirely.

At school, I could not start an essay unless the first line was PERFECT. I would have notes in the margins, an outline of my argument, my list of references, and I wouldn’t actually start typing until 8.00 a.m. on the morning of the day that the paper was due at 4.00 p.m. I got on by sheer adrenaline because there was no time left to agonise or procrastinate.

I know that my problem is fear. Fear of having to publish a post every day. I’m typing this and the butterflies in my stomach are running amok. What if I fail at this before the 31 days are up???

I usually write my posts for the blog in Word. When I find the images and GIFs that enhance my words, I copy everything into WordPress and then I preview and edit and preview and edit and preview and edit till I’m blue in the face. Hitting the publish button tends to be a stressful affair.

For this challenge, I am not going to do that. I’m going to open up WordPress, type, publish, and get on with my life. I have to stop sitting at my laptop staring at blank pages. Just start already!

blog challenge

14 thoughts on “31 Day Blog Challenge: Introduction

  1. I’m commenting to mark. This looks interesting and I’m wanting to try it next month. I’m in the middle of one I created this month. This looks easier than the topics I chose.

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  2. Ugh, I hear you on the “preview and edit” – while I skip the Word part, I still do the same kind of thing. This is a wicked cool challenge – best of luck, and I’m sure you’ll make it through the 31 days with ease! 😊

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  3. The good thing is you already have your topics sorted. So yes, as you start writing on a particular topic, all you need to do to add your gif and hit publish. Good luck! I’m sure you will do well and even if you miss a few days, how does it matter? No one is judging you and you are doing it for fun, isn’t it?

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