Six Word Stories Might Be My Cure for Writer’s Block

It’s 8.00 a.m. I’m staring into the bleakness that is a New Blank Document. The minutes on the clock at the top right of my screen are zipping by and still, no words come. “Your 2,500 word essay is due at 4.00 p.m.” a nagging voice repeatedly echoes in my head. I’m antsy and paranoid. I can’t think of a word, not ONE darn solitary word that will get this essay going. I wish I knew then what I know now.

Six word stories. Six word stories! If only someone had told me to try crafting a simple six word sentence initially, and then build from there, writer’s block (mixed with a sprinkle…okay, more like a dollop…of procrastination) might not have got the best of me as I struggled to meet assignment deadlines. My problem has always been that first line. If that first line isn’t perfect, the words don’t flow.

Lately, blog post ideas have been flooding in, however, fleshing out these ideas into actual blog posts that people can read has not fared as well. Things take a turn for the worse if life, as it often does, gets in the way of my becoming an Internet superstar.

The busier I am, the harder it is to settle down and write. Writing prompts helped for a bit, but then they didn’t. I had to find a technique that would force the words out from the vast nothingness that is my dusty attic of a brain.

Enter Sick Christine and her Say It In Just Six Words blog post. I grabbed my notebook and started scribbling. I didn’t overthink it. That was instrumental in curbing the hesitation that so often accompanies writer’s block. This exercise really helped me to get my brain moving from the point zero that it was stuck on.

In less than ten minutes, I’d written a few crude stories:

With a sigh, he let go.

With a sigh, she stepped outside.

The monsters within wouldn’t leave quietly.

Some fairy tales are really nightmares.

Her broken leg lagged behind her.

How can I trust your mother?

You didn’t care enough to stay.

With him, she believed in God.

The little boy froze in amazement.

The old woman trembled with delight.

He gave it to a stranger.

Sarah died never knowing her truth.

At least his dogs loved him.

What is the point of anything?

Nobody cared. Nobody ever would. Fact.

Good little girls are a myth.

To have and to hold nothing.

She could never count on him.

The demon screamed writhing in pain.

He felt the moment death came.

“True love doesn’t exist.” he sighed.

He was home. He was safe.

All he had was her betrayal.

She refused to let evil win.

I found myself asking questions about what I’d written and out of those questions came second and third lines. I couldn’t get the words to stop. I had been cured!

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that I eventually submitted a few entries to Skinny and Single’s Six Word Story Competition. Here they are:



I’d be happy to hear what you use to banish writer’s block. Let me know in the comments below.

22 thoughts on “Six Word Stories Might Be My Cure for Writer’s Block

  1. I love this idea, as well as your six-word stories! Honestly, parenthood has (I think) eliminated writer’s block for me once and for all, and not just because the kiddos are the source of what I blog about. (Though working through Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way a few times and adopting her “morning pages” habit on and off also has helped.) Now that I spend so much of my time parenting, whatever time I have to write is uber-precious, so I seize it when I can. My bedside table, laptop, phone, and Bullet Journal are full of blog titles, SEO research, and post outlines (for when I only have 5-30 seconds to write), and that way, even if I only have 5 minutes to write and the coffee hasn’t kicked in, I can use one of those as a starting point and get some words down before a child appears wanting me.

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    1. Ahhhhh…SEO…honestly, that’s as boring as Google Stats for me. I’m hoping for an attitude adjustment on both but I haven’t been able to get excited enough to care. 😃🤣


    1. Hi! These were from the last time you ran the competition. I moved my blog from a self-hosted site a couple months ago and only just realised some bits had gone wonky. I was updating broken links/images in that post. However, I’d be happy to participate if you decide to run the contest again.

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  2. These are so good!

    The “She didn’t believe in ghosts. Yet.” gave me that tingling feeling you get on the back of your knees when you hear a good ghost story.


  3. Hi! I saw your comment on my post (which I will eventually get round to replying to!) where you mentioned you had been trying this…I love it! It’s amazing how just 6 words can really be so intriguing…I read quite a few of them and instantly wanted to know so much more!!


    1. It’s been such a help to me! I also want to commit to One-Liner Wednesday every week and I’m on the hunt for other techniques that help when my brain is full of air and cobwebs. 😀


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