Safeguarding Your Joy in the Midst of Doom and Gloom


Whatever your belief system, it cannot be disputed that negativity HATES to see positivity thrive, especially when that positivity exists for no apparent reason. I’ve seen people genuinely smile and laugh through life threatening illnesses, serious financial problems, family troubles, loss of loved ones… And lurking in a dark corner somewhere is a fiend who will try to snuff out that joy because they cannot stand that someone is truly at peace and content.




Darkness exists simply to suck the happy out of life. It works tirelessly to dismantle peace. Ever notice how as soon as you make peace with a horrible situation, another awful something enters your life? The old me would fly off the handle when this happened, or I’d sulk and question “why me?!”.



But I’ve learnt an expensive lesson. You shouldn’t retaliate when toxicity is coming at you from every direction. Every time that you lose your cool, it’s an uphill battle to regain your positivity, and it gets harder and harder each time. Don’t feed hatred, despair, anger, sadness. You’re wasting valuable energy that you could otherwise be directing to the future. Your bright future.

We simply cannot allow the negative to drive out the light. Keep saying good morning to that grumpy neighbour who dislikes everybody including herself. Stop reacting to that co-worker who comes to the office every day determined to make your life miserable. If your living arrangement is toxic and you can’t step out on your own yet, find healthy coping mechanisms to help you as you work your way to freedom. There is always a bit of light in a bad situation. Focus on that light as if your life depended on it because it does.

Be resilient in guarding your joy. It’ll take some effort if it doesn’t come to you naturally. One day, though, you’ll realise that it has become second nature. You will respond to trying situations with a Yoda-like aura. Nothing and no-one will be able to rattle your nerves. You’ll find yourself making wiser decisions about negative circumstances too.

Trust me on this. I’ve lived it so you don’t have to.

33 thoughts on “Safeguarding Your Joy in the Midst of Doom and Gloom

  1. Hello Melissa,

    Thank you for this reminder. Sometimes, when bad things happen over and over again, it beats us up and if we succumb to it, we’re left with no energy to fight another day. Safeguarding our joy is so important to survive these moments in our lives.


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  2. I find that the more I practice being grateful and joyful, the easier it becomes. It’s almost natural then. And the unwelcome and difficult times are handled much better.
    I have started reacting differently to negativity from others. (Some toxic people are hard to avoid completely) When they say something negative to me, I answer them with the opposite positive side. I just smile right through their company……even when I’m gritting my teeth on the inside!
    But guess what, it actually works and when they realise that I’m not joining in they become a bit more bearable.
    Yes you’re so right, don’t let anyone steal our joy. It’s precious!


  3. In tune with this; toxic friends do exactly that to your psyche. And with MH issues your own mind can fall into a trap where negativity recycles. Bad thinking, like a habit, can crawl in unnoticed and then be a bitch to escape from. I found mindfulness reset my own thinking strategy; then I reduced contact with negative people and started to rebuild myself. No quick fix after ignoring it too long, but definitely better than sitting in the same place listening to others leach you positivity out!

    Keep going and great post 🙂


  4. It drives our kidlets crazy that when hubby and I fight, we also tend to crack jokes mid-argument. They’re like, “are you mad at each other, or just being goofy?” and we’re all like, “they aren’t mutually exclusive!” *grin* It’s gone a long way towards keeping our attitude towards each other (and life) more positive.Thanks for the reminder, Melissa. 🙂


  5. I really need to work harder on remaining positive in difficult situations. All too easily I get sucked into the toxicity of other people. I need to remember to keep my emotions separate and not take on their negativity!


    1. Yes! And I’m learning that people who spew venom or embrace sadness are fighting their own battles. No need to feed the negativity. Ignore and move on.


  6. I would love to be like Yoda. I’m already about the same height as him 😉 haha! But absolutely, keeping the light shining when the room is dark is difficult sometimes. It’s a wonderful ability to have though, and it’s something I am getting better at, most of the time anyway. I enjoyed this, thank you 🙂


    1. Ahahahahaha! I say I’m a “peanut”. I’m that tall. LOL! It takes a lot of work to stay positive regardless of what is being thrown at you or what tricks your mind is playing on you. A lot of work. But it’s worth it. It’s quite freeing (is that even a word?).


  7. I really love the upbeat, motivational tone of your post. A great, but rather obscure “guru” who helped talk me through some of these ideas and offered practical wisdom is Anthony DeMello. He passed away in the late 80s but offered his best in wisdom before then. If you’re interested you can find his lecture series on you tube. It takes hours to listen to the whole thing, but I found his words and funny anecdotes helpful in the journey towards intentional kindness. His message of awareness made a huge impact on me. Thanks for the post- I love your blog!


  8. Love this Melissa! My motto in life is to stay positive no matter what and though the negativity of others can drag you down… you have to fight it!


  9. You are so right! It’s so hard to not give people a taste of their own medicine when you have to feel their negativity, but nothing good comes out of it! glad I got to read this post, and thanks for your positive attitude! It’s a ray of sunshine for whoever reads your blog!



    1. Thank you so much, Nicole! Your comment encourages me to work on my positivity and peace even more, and hopefully my evolution will help others too. 🙂


  10. Yes, listen to Yoda. 🙂

    I had a situation recently where I could have reacted affronted and had a confrontation, but I decided against it. Thought it better to let go and move on.


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