Under the Coconut Tree

Whenever I need to take a break, I step outside. Invariably, I find myself under a coconut tree. Coconut trees evoke a sense of relaxation and peace like no other tree on our land does. They seem to say to me, “Hey, sit back. Relax. It’s never that serious.” I think too that they are such photogenic trees. The top of a coconut tree against a blue Caribbean sky is the stuff that vacation postcards are made of. No wonder coconut trees feature so heavily on my Instagram!

I’ve taken A LOT of photos of my coconut trees since I returned to ye old homestead after my father’s passing. I didn’t realise how obsessed I’d become. At first, I thought that it was my love for the beach and my longing for a house/cottage/shack/mansion (I’m not picky) near the sea, but that’s not why. It’s because of my love for my father.

You see, I LOVE coconut water and jelly so daddy planted coconut trees everywhere. He was a pro at cutting the nuts with a nice, neat hole I could drink out of and he would chop nut after nut till I was too stuffed to do anything but lay down in the hammock. Even our dogs loved coconut time. We’d lay the coconuts open for them and they’d clean out that jelly, tails wagging at full speed as they nibbled.

There was nothing like daddy’s coconut surprise after a day at work and hours in traffic. As soon as I got home, he’d say, “Cool off your feet and come get some fresh coconut water.” When I moved away, he’d save the coconuts for the weekends I visited, or he’d put coconut water to chill ahead of time. I’m telling you, cold coconut water on a hot day is a spiritual experience!

I miss daddy every day. He’s always with me, though, under the coconut trees…

Here are a few pics of our coconut trees. Sunny days, rainy days, overcast days, cloudy days…it’s always a good day to photograph a coconut tree.

22 thoughts on “Under the Coconut Tree

  1. What a beautiful sentiment, and gorgeous pictures to go along with it! Thanks for sharing, it made me feel a little wistful. Of course, that’s the mark of a good writer 🙂



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