Musings About Blogging

My word! Life has been hectic lately and things aren’t going to slow down over the next few weeks. Since time is scarce, I decided to hit the pause button on jotting down blog post ideas and instead I’ve been reflecting on my blogging experience so far. I started this blog as an experiment, a distraction, a survival strategy for those days when I would rather stay in bed than turn up for adulthood. There are new skills to learn and other skills to reacquaint myself with (hey there, HTML).

I can’t tell you how many blogging tutorial videos I watched on YouTube or how many articles and blogs I read about the blogosphere. My notebook-turned-blogging-journal has amassed a plethora of tidbits on Blogger vs WordPress, making money from blogging, blogging as a career, directing traffic to your blog, marketing your blog on every social media platform that exists, finding your niche, scheduling posts, and the notion that photos featured on blogs should look like the work of Annie Leibovitz (yes, yes, I’m exaggerating but you get what I’m saying).

I’m not interested in linky parties (I think that’s what they’re called) where I have to follow two or three other blogs in order to participate and interact with other bloggers. I prefer to follow blogs because the content inspires me or makes me smile. I tried to join a social network for bloggers because I assumed that it would be a space to learn and share but my approval was pending and pending so I eventually cancelled my request.

I decided on Blogger (sort of kind of re-evaluating this decision) because having a Google+ profile made it easy to set up but I’m still not sure what Google+ is… None of my followers use it. I joined several Google+ blogging communities thinking that I would gain more insight into Google+. I am still confused. Also, these communities appear to be more for advertising new blog posts because people rarely comment on what’s shared so they are pretty much no different from my boring Google+ profile. GoogleStats has never worked so my pageviews calculation is way off. I naively thought that Google Analytics would be a better route. Sadly, Analytics requires PhD level schooling.

As I leafed through my notes, I realised that I didn’t know when blogging became so complicated. Whatever happened to the blogs about everyday nothingness? I loved reading stories about ordinary things written by ordinary people in their own extraordinary way. Do any of these blogs still exist?

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