A Desk and Some Memories…


It’s 1.43 a.m. on Thursday 31st December 2015 and I’m at my aged desk working on my very first blog post. I have generated about a gazillion ideas for this awesome occasion but surprisingly all I can think about right now is this faithful little desk. Funny that I should remember how years ago daddy and I went to the furniture store to pick out a tiny desk and swivel chair that would fit comfortably in my then smaller room. I fell in love with the white and black combo that allowed me to adjust the angle of the surface to better facilitate artistic pursuits like drawing. It was a plus too that the colours suited the apple white paint of my bedroom’s walls. I excitedly put the pieces together myself as soon as we got home.

This little desk has seen me through an undergraduate degree and more recently a postgraduate programme. I have planned and organised and made life-altering decisions while sitting at this desk staring at my computer screen or scribbling in my never-ending series of notebooks. Even when I moved away from home, daddy would leave anything, and I mean anything, that he wanted to bring to my attention on this desk. He once left me two beaded necklaces, one red, one green, reminiscent of those that you see in Mardi Gras photos. He and mom had “won” the beads for their awesome dancing at some shindig or other. He instructed me to keep them, which I did. Those beads hung at various spots in my room and when he passed away a couple years ago, their permanent residence became the rear view mirror of my car.

Last Christmas, reality sank in. My beloved desk might not be with me for much longer. I had to use patterned contact paper to breathe new life into the stained and tired surface. The once adjustable surface is immovable now. Every day the rust spots grow larger and the paint chips away. However, we’ve made it through another year and another milestone, Mint Tea and Elephants, which was conceived and birthed at this desk.

Here’s to another (fingers crossed) year, my friend. Cheers!

15 thoughts on “A Desk and Some Memories…

  1. Love this! My kitchen table is where I write. I’ve had it for years, it’s stained with paint from numerous homeschool projects. It’s old and a hot mess, but I’d be sad to see it go.


    1. Yes! I saw one of those celebrity home viewings recently. The woman of the house is a fairly renowned artist in her circles. She has a vibrant, colourful farmhouse. Vintage furniture to die for. Her dining table is in shambles. The wood on the surface is peeling off in layers and she refuses to get rid of it. Her reasons made me smile. When she first got married, she and the husband had few resources. Her mom gave her the dining table and it has been with them through every stage of their family life. Even her mother begs her to get a new table. She says she likes her old one. It has character. 🙂


  2. Beautiful memories! You got me reminiscing about my first desk (long-gone now) and all the work and story telling that it saw. Possessions aren’t everything, but you’ve captured so well the precious memories they can carry for us 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for reading and for this wonderful comment. Everything we own, do, see, touch, etc is a memory in the making. I’d like to think I did my best to make and preserve great memories. 🙂


    1. Hello Mel, congrats on starting your blog! We are getting on with the 'MUSTS' in 2016 I see :). Love this piece. The story is heart warming. Reminds me again of that saying that its the little things in life that matter because of the priceless experiences connected to them and the sunshine they bring to our hearts. Your blog reminded me of a piece that a a fine art conservator wrote. Luckily I had bookmarked it. I am sharing it with you – http://www.saveyourstuff.com/blog/what-can-you-do-at-home/collectibles-and-heirlooms-may-be-treasured-but-are-they-worth-protecting/Wishing you inspiration that never ceases…..


    2. Thanks, Annette. I read the story you sent me. "Value" isn't always about how much something is worth in dollars and cents. Thank God I learnt that lesson early. 🙂


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